one thing I notice since I joined #mastodon is that I keep wishing for #activitypub version of everything.

Activity pub portfolios (soon hopefully with pixelfed)
activitypub video (peertube) and streams
activitypub blogs.

just remove the social media platform middleman and just have content propagate. I guess this is what rss was supposed to be (but with reblogs 🐧)

@cidney no objection to it. I have honestly been expecting somebody to make a server for a game with accounts as chars tbh. It would translate so well. (bonus if there is a dice bot xD)...

wait is that why we are suddenly playing chess? xD

@cidney seriously through bring it on. there would be other people interested in it as well. I think.

@eylul I'd want to run a small game with people I know IRL first, to test it out and see if it's fun, but I could totally see putting together a board to find players if it's successful!

@cidney more than fair. :) sorry didn't mean to put you on spot.

@eylul Nah it's fine I just suddenly got more interest than I have room for players. Can we voicechat on Skype briefly?

@cidney @eylul :dice_1: :dice_2: :dice_3: :dice_4: :dice_5: :dice_6:

Here's some dice for that if you want to create a random roll bot.

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