Can anyone name an SFF book where *at least* the four most important characters are female? (Dealing with Dragons is the closest I can think of.)

I think "Sisters of the vast black" might qualify ? Though 'importance' is tricky to rate.

Some others that might qualify, but I'm not completely sure about because it's been a while since reading:

'lady astronaut of mars'
'Red Sister' (and sequels)
Some of Becky Chambers's books

There's quite a lot where it's the top 2 or 2 out of the top 3 but top 4 is difficult..

@cidney wheel of time - moiraine, egwene, nynaeve, cadsuane, elayne, siuane sanche

malazan book of fallen [book 1-4] - empress, tavore, tattersail (was), apsalar

asoiaf - danerys, arya, sansa, cersie

@deathofdevil I'm looking for something that's quite unbalanced, though; Wheel of Time and ASOIAF have just as many important male characters.

@cidney Seveneves, Goldilocks, and one could argue the Ancillary trilogy

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