Does anyone have suggestions "problematic" SFF books or authors? Stuff that, if you walked into someone's house and saw their books on their bookshelf, would be a red flag that this person might be unsafe, but still have plausible deniability.

(for something I )

@cidney I can only speak from my own experience, but I used to have a "politically ambiguous" bookshelf designed to keep people guessing.

It had things like:

"Capitalism and Freedom"
"The Communist Manifesto"
"The Road to Serfdom"
"The Prince"
"The Satanic Bible"
"The Torah"
"Confucius' Analects"
"The Federalist Papers"

and a bunch of random books about utopia and never having to work again mixed in.

@sean ...this is great. Not quite what I'm looking for here, but I highly approve.

@cidney yeah, I figure you might be looking for something very specific. 😛
@cidney Anything by Ayn Rand. Pure science-fiction, highly problematic.

@cidney Heinlein and Ernest Cline are orange flags, Ayn Rand is a red one. You can guess why.

@oreolek I don't know a whole lot about Ernest Cline, actually... can you say more?

@cidney He's the author of READY PLAYER ONE. (There's a sequel coming.)

I just don't trust the taste of people who have this book proud on display.

@cidney Orson Scott Card jumps out as one of the best (well known) authors for that not already covered by other replies.

@shivoa Orson Scott Card (like JK Rowling) actually seems too overt.

I really liked the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind when I started reading it, but it got increasingly problematic with each book. I was confused and annoyed by book 4 and uncomfortable by book 5 but didn't drop it until after book 6, which is basically Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead retold with wizards and dragons.

I was considering reading book 7 just to finish the series, but with prequels and spinoffs there are apparently 21 books by now.

@cidney If they're really into L Ron Hubbard and Heinlein that's a sign. It's not any one author that ever tips me but when it's all stuff by That One Kind Of Dude...

@cidney Endless space war novels. Anything on the Sad Puppies slate.

@cidney VOX DAY. That one is a straight up red flag, actually.

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