One of the protagonist's Paladin classmates from Summer Daze at Hero-U. Playing with darkening the environment and tweaking the UI.

Side-by-side comparison of the Disbarred Bard classroom and teacher at Hero University for .

Oh, right, GOG's doing their summer sale! is on $14.99 right now. Combination of an old-school dungeon crawl and a fantasy school simulator, by the creators of 1989's Quest for Glory.

More updates! This is a side by side comparison of the same teacher's office in both Hero-U games.

Little late for , but here's a WIP of multiple characters and dialogue in the Recreation Room for the upcoming visual novel/RPG set at Hero-U.

Corey and Lori are doing a Quest for Glory III livestream in three weeks (May 4th; Star Wars Day!). This was the first VGA game, and already we're hearing why Hero-U should look like this instead of 3D. Nostalgia is lovely.

Very much ready to get this patch out now. Finally adding version labels to the title screen to make players' lives easier.

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption was just nominated by Adventure Gamers for two Aggies! We're up for Best in Comedy and Best Non-Traditional Adventure.

Wish me luck! XD

Experimenting with another texture for the Tentacle Monster in the Sea Caves.

The Quest for Glory II livestream is definitely happening. This is the original EGA game, not the VGA remake.

Patch went out this weekend. Lots of quality-of-life improvements, and an improved boss fight with the wraith in the Catacombs.

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