@brainblasted Possibly get a 90-day visa to live in Germany or France, then try to find a tech job or apply for a freelancer visa to stay permanently if you like it there.

I looked into doing this a few years ago, then I needed to go back to the US to deal with medical crap. >_<

@deathofdevil I'm looking for something that's quite unbalanced, though; Wheel of Time and ASOIAF have just as many important male characters.

Can anyone name an SFF book where *at least* the four most important characters are female? (Dealing with Dragons is the closest I can think of.)

I am *slowly* retiring this account in favor of a self-hosted pleroma instance. This will probably turn into mostly crossposting screenshots and game relase-type announcements.

@yoshiki There are, though? Arthur, Lucifer, Robin Hood, Hercules...

@dodgethis Finn Gardiner (@phineasfrogg@twitter.com ), and everyone who's contributed to gameaccessibilityguidelines.co

@maloki Just finished reading it last night. It's quite good.

@phryk oooh, I quit webdev in 2014 because of the shitty ethics required. There should be a club.

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y'all if your software isn't accessible to keyboard users and screen reader users you suck and your software sucks

sorry but i don't make the rules

I'm still pretty disgusted with what Google clearly thinks games "should" be about, when in theory, mobile should be a good platform for narrative games.

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Seriously considering changing the "location" field in my bio to "the remote wetlands of the USA" rather than guessing which cities in Central Florida have name recognition outside the immediate environs.

ran in Wine at one point, right? Or had a workable GNU/Linux port? (Trying to compare how various adventure game engines handles cursor cycling, and managed to waste an hour getting nowhere.)

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