Finally have a Hero-U patch (this is now version 1.5) on the beta channel of Steam. Expecting to make it live later this week.

@nowornever Haha! Yes, Mastodon is much more inviting than the birdsite.

@nowornever Welcome to the fediverse! Your podcasts look really, really neat.

I'm actually starting to measure my disability leaves in Unity version upgrades. >_<

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:drake_dislike: If people want to keep things safe and secure maybe they should just not do things which they wouldn't want other people to see so they don't have to worry
:drake_like: teaching people to secure their shit so they can do what the fuck they want

CW: medical, disability Show more

CW: medical, disability Show more

@runevision This is a fair point. I think this says more about gatekeeping in the game community than anything else, though; "casual" shouldn't be a bad thing! not everyone has tons of time.

...people who have played my game 7 times exist. They are amazing. <3

@sean Hah; I had similar feelings about the Aurora Toolset when I was a kid. The modern game tools ecosystem is so bloated and profit-oriented. >_<

Really happy for the Mage's Initiation team-- this game looks gorgeous and it's been a long wait-- but wow, I have no time to actually *play* games nowadays.

@sean I know that feeling. Even Windows devs are moving away from AGS now.

3 days until Corey and Lori's Trial by Fire livestream (Trial by Valentine-- lol). Come say hi. :D It'll be all EGA and old school.

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The thing about 'not all men' is it's something men bark at people who are lashing out at the group that's hurting them. Trying to separate themselves and remove any affiliation.

All it does is tell those people to shut up while doing nothing to change the structures that allow toxic masculinity to continue that original victimisation. Step in and tell fellow men to stop, that it's not ok, instead of telling people, especially women, you're not like the others so how dare we get angry about it.

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