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when people say "don't do that, it's illegal" i scoff.

being gay is illegal in some parts
and having slaves was LEGAL in some places in quite recent times

so...defining morality by what is legal or not say the least, problematic.

Hey friends! I'm going to be showing off some games at MakerX in Burnie, Tasmania this weekend. If you happen to be in the area, drop by and say hi :)

CW: EDS, physical health, mental health 

Anyone have concrete instructions for how to handle saving games to files in a best-practice way that reduces risk of corrupted saves? Like a tutorial or maybe even a Unity-ready code snippet?

Reminder: "oh, we don't talk about money" / "we don't really compare salaries here" / etc. is literal capitalist propaganda designed to keep you from recognizing the true value of your labor.

Insist on a frank discussion of the compensation you and those around you receive for your time and effort.

Updated the screenshot gallery in preparation for PAX demo. Bigger skip button now!

Honestly, text based adventures deserve more innovation and development as a genre.

It's not outdated so much as it is not properly utilized. Books aren't outdated just because movies exist, and text based adventures aren't outdated just because graphical adventures exist.

#gaming #gamedev

#Unity3D devs, this is so useful: A series of attributes that let you customize inspectors without lots of extra editor code

An excellent (German) article on the killer clowns ruling our world: not just Boris Johnson and Donald Trump but many others, too. The reason, the author argues, is that capital used to be interested in a functional state but now oligarchs are interested in chaos and distraction, which is why they finance these killer clowns, and that taxes are not only necessary to finance the state but to break the cycle of inheritance. Let’s stop the rich from passing on their wealth!

I’ll be heading to Seattle soon for PAX and the Sierra meetup. Any of my followers likely to be there?

If you're new to Mastodon and the Fediverse, you may be looking for ways to connect with people.

Here are some suggestions:

✅ Do a post telling the world a little bit about yourself with the hashtag #Introductions

✅ Visit the opt-in community directory Trunk to find people to follow, it's organised by topic:

✅ Use hashtags! These are the only way to search the fediverse, so they make your posts much easier to discover.

More #MastoTips:

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