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Patch went out this weekend. Lots of quality-of-life improvements, and an improved boss fight with the wraith in the Catacombs.

So, after six months, Valve finally thinks Hero-U is a real game. :) Hopefully everyone else here affected by this bug is doing okay!

I joined Facebook in 2004, when I was a wide-eyed sixteen-year-old about to head up north for college. The pattern of slowly shifting boundaries and reducing privacy began there.

Valve finally admits ownership for the "Steam is still learning about this game" bug that's been crippling new indie games for the last six months:

My impression of Why do marginalized fanpeople still think reinventing corporate social media will save the Internet?

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Hero's Quest livestream. <3 The Coles will be doing a Quest for Glory II livestream for Valentine's Day.

I'll be doing a live stream with the Coles in about an hour! They'll be playing the original Hero's Quest and the Hero-U dev team will be answering questions.

Nice to see that the debate about free speech and censorship with AO3 is getting some mainstream press coverage.

Al Lowe took down his source code from eBay after Activision sent a cease and desist letter. (They don't actually have rights to the physical backups, just the IP, but fighting this in court would be expensive.)

@switchingsocial Any chance you'll make a Tumblr alternatives page, since this is becoming topical for many people?

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