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If you're a journalist

And you're writing a story about a data leak or whatever

If you include the phrase, "the unethical but currently legal practice of targeted advertisement" to describe the cause

I'll make it worth your while

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We need fediverse (or at least distributed foss) virtual worlds. I'm tired of missing parties because they're in animal crossing.

The gamejam is looking kind of neat, but I *probably* want to use this time to polish up my entry. Sigh.

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@lightweight Yes! And simultaneously provide education on how to contribute to community projects so we keep adding all the functionality everybody needs, for ourselves.

When I paid steeply to get some tertiary education in multimedia I was taught the Macromedia suite, (before Adobe acquired it). I didn't know any other software so went into debt to get my own copies trying to start my career.

I want to do my bit to make sure nobody else has to do that. It's ludicrous.

I made a short Sierra-style dark fantasy game, called "Chosen One", for this year's !

It's available for download and voting at

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@alcinnz Ugh. Javascript, the United States of software. Its everywhere, it does a bunch of shit, serves up surveillance capitalism, and demands you give it attention.

I kind of really hate having now. (Even though I cut out a lot of the art I was going to do for the gamejam when it became clear that excessive tablet use was bad, my entire upper body is going to hate me for the next week.)

When I notarize Mac builds, I feel like I'm enabling Apple's predatory business practices. When I don't, I feel like I'm doing a disservice to accessibility. Is there a way to win?

Still annoyed that most of the adventure game devs/fans I meet or work with are only reachable by Facebook or Twitter DMs. >_>

Main thing left now for is the opening and closing cinematics. (And polishing/testing/debugging.)

...yay there's an ingame map now! No screenshots since I want to clean up the art a bit, but this is starting to feel like a real game and everything now.

Kicking myself because most of what I have left to do for is writing the script, and I technically could have done that before it started. :p

My boss is doing a livestream of himself playing the Castle of Dr. Brain, starting now.

Day 5 of . Rooms are starting to come together enough that I can show off stuff for .

Two days in, and game is finishable (assuming that players can read my mind and figure out what they're supposed to do from placeholder dialogue. :p ) I doubt my project will be competitive against people working in a team, but I'm having a lot of fun with it.

Some sprites, some background geometry, and a playable (if boring) first scene of the game. Not bad for the first day.

So far: rough B&W sketches of all the characters and environments,. (yes I'm doing all the assets myself even though I'm not an artist.)

I was planning on entering under a pseudonym but my coworker just outed me on Twitter, so I *guess* I'm committed. :p

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