The kids & I just finished the recent Secret Of Mana remake. It is almost defiantly faithful to the original game, including the bits that were rushed/incomplete/nonsensical in the first place, and others that just clearly haven't aged well. Overall, I can't recommend it on those grounds. Nevertheless, the kids caught the co-op bug, so mission accomplished on that front. Any recommendations for 3-4 player couch co-op games suitable for a wide range of ages & skill levels?

@templewulf I loved the GC/GBA version; is there a more recent iteration that doesn't involve long-off-the-market hardware?

@cort only on the 3ds, afaik

Aside from that, I really like the database on co-optimus

You might be interested in this ESRB rating filter

@cort We had fun playing though Moon Hunters a few times Each game is relatively short and the first few playthroughs were very good, both for gameplay and for the unusual story. After that it gets a bit repetitive though.

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