And besides it’s not true that upzoning hurts land values; generally it increases them.

“But if it makes land more valuable then how could it push down rents?” I have heard many people cry. IT’S BECAUSE APARTMENTS PUT MULTIPLE HOMES ON THE SAME LAND.

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I checked on an alt account I haven’t used in a while. Twitter popped up this screen and literally would not let me past until I followed more people. I couldn’t even back out of it.

Environmentalists who say the government should hold down fuel prices

The claim in the screenshotted tweet turns out to have not been true.

Something worth considering if you hear anyone making similar claims about similar candidates now.

When someone blames a shortage on people you’ve never met but love to hate.

Amused that Cold Cave appears to be trying to hypnotize the audience like Burgess Meredith’s Penguin with his spiral umbrella.

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Noticed in Twitter's new privacy policy
- they record your phone's battery level
- they retain information longer than they say they do
- if you've two accounts w/ different emails & phone #, they still know it's the same person
- if bought, all your info available to new owner.

"Hey Elan, this thread is running slow, can you look at it in the profiler and see what's up with it?"
Me: *opens profiler*

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