A street dancer here is grooving to “Disco Inferno” and I will never be able to hear that song without thinking of Dungeon Keeper.


If someone believes that
- A Republican-majority state legislature passed a ban on abortion
- Republican justices allowed this ban

shows why

- courts should not block state laws
- better to have a Republican majority than vote for a Democrat

What should we infer about them?

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It troubles me that people see this as an example of why courts should not have the power to block laws passed by state legislatures.

And besides it’s not true that upzoning hurts land values; generally it increases them.

“But if it makes land more valuable then how could it push down rents?” I have heard many people cry. IT’S BECAUSE APARTMENTS PUT MULTIPLE HOMES ON THE SAME LAND.

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Rents are housing prices is rent. It’s the same asset, same thing. When people complain that new apartment building will hold down the price of their house, this is what they mean.


Would you trust a UX designer who prefers Linux?

A friend described as "a search for right angles in a world where right angles are hard to come by."

If a mutual retweeted “{some quackery} cures Covid”, would you unfollow them?

I checked on an alt account I haven’t used in a while. Twitter popped up this screen and literally would not let me past until I followed more people. I couldn’t even back out of it.

Environmentalists who say the government should hold down fuel prices

Old Soviet joke: a man hands out pamphlets in the metro station, so the KGB pick him up. The interrogator looks through them and exclaims, “but these are all blank paper!”

The man shrugs. “What else could I write?”

The claim in the screenshotted tweet turns out to have not been true.

Something worth considering if you hear anyone making similar claims about similar candidates now.

Translation: “Kolkhoznik, guard your fields against the class enemies, and slackers plundering the socialist harvest.”

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When someone blames a shortage on people you’ve never met but love to hate.

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