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At lunch yesterday a colleague said “you’re like Commander Data” and tbh this was the most touching compliment I’ve heard all year.

Me: *looking at profiler*
Me: *makes strangled choking noise*
Adjacent coworker: What was that sound?!
Me: JavaScript.

* must be first-person perspective with realistic human characters
* export scoring, reaction time, which targets clicked, what skins they had, other telemetry data to a CSV file.

Modders, thy help is needed! (3/3)

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* scoring penalty for accidentally targeting bystanders and for being too slow in correctly targeting the bad guys
* reconfigurable which target models are in which group - eg version A has 80% Blue baddies & 80% Red bystanders; B has it reversed; C has 50/50. ... (2/3)

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Which FPS would be the easiest/quickest to mod to get something with the characteristics below? For scientific research, not a commercial product.

* player required to quickly distinguish between bad guys and bystanders based on something like what they are carrying ... (1/3)

"Hey Elan, this thread is running slow, can you look at it in the profiler and see what's up with it?"
Me: *opens profiler*

I've set up to automatically crosspost my Tweets to here. If this is a bad idea, let me know.

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