Just got into a master's degree to do graphics in Netherlands. Excited to finally be able to focus on my passion for two years :D. Hopefully the country has enough opportunities for employment in the field as well.

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@danganea Not too sure about books, but there are several references that almost everyone recommends on gaming networking

The Tribes networking model

Latency Compensating Methods in Client/Server In-game Protocol Design and Optimization

"I shot you first: Networking the gameplay of Halo Reach"

Regarding , is there any networking book that is considered the "bible" on the subject? Having no experience with that, I've always heard it's difficult to do unless your game is architectured in a certain way from the start.

Hi all , here:

I'm a recent comp-sci graduate in Romania currently working as a C++ embedded dev in automotive. I've mostly done graphics work before this job and I'm doing whenever I have the time.
Made a GPU real-time physically-based path-tracer. Hopefully my projects will lead to a rendering job in the future.
When I'm not programming, I'm reading philosophy, math textbooks, drinking tea and playing games.

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