(0.1+min(iTime,0.))*0.999-0.1*0.999 !=uint(0)
when 0.1*0.999 and (0.1+min(iTime,0.))*0.999 are equal in uint bits representation on GPU

made 50lines long python code
want to automatically beautify
10 first "online beautify" just crash on my 50 lines long code

@toomuchvoltage sory for late reply, this shader very basic and do not use any _EXT functions, its also Vulkan 1.0 API
more info about it with links to source code

@mehmetoguzderin drop WebGL2(because its way too buged and no one use it) drop WASM(same reason) and make new WebGPU with new languages for it....???... look like this is Google way to do thinks....

@vnen I remember my self when I launch Mario when I was ~7-8yo
so I mean... young gamerz should growup to their prime :)

@shivoa my local cost at launch PS4 is 1k$+
same as for ValveIndex now, it cost 1500$ for my country(valve and other corporation do not support shopping from my country, this why overcost)

I know what you mean, ValveIndex is for rich people only

@shivoa PS4/5 or Xbox still cost moneys

so instead of PS5 people can get this ValveIndex as next gen platform, Valve timing is good, because now no PS5, only ValveIndex

@mdiluz AAA games VUlkan, indie games Unity...two ways only

gameplay xD (first results) need make monsters/enemy and some more cool force-mechanic for particles

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