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Dan Treble @dantreble@mastodon.gamedev.place

We shipped modding support for Hand of Fate 2, very proud of the team. You can even play the released game in the editor to test your content. Ask me anything about modding a unity project, it's all in my head right now! steamcommunity.com/app/456670/

That last windows 10 upgrade broke a bunch of stuff, including opening unity. I had to fish out 32 bit DLLs for visual studio compatibility and xinput from Windows.old and put them back in Windows. Sigh. What else is broken that I haven't yet discovered 😟

@jakob Sad to see you left Unity, best of luck with the new thing. Thanks for finishing the nav mesh before leaving! Unlike some other people I could name... 😃

Ordered a new vm server. 16 core AMD, 128gb ram, 1tb m.2 ssd, 4x8tb HDD, the worst gpu. Hopefully migrate our build machines there.

@Tak massive congratulations on parenthood!

Zero complaints about Hand of Fate 2 being DX11 only. Phew!

20 minute 4k raw capture, 224GB!!!