pretty sad state of standards in where people with more than 5 years of experience cant explain the difference between const and readonly in c#

@deathofdevil there are people like that everywhere, I don't think it has to do with India per se

@aras thats is true, problem is IT industry here in India is big, though most of it is from outsoucing, and everyone wants to be programmer because it pays well but most of people doesn't seems to be interested in understading even basics

also indian gaming industry is mostly cloning famous games by copying code from internet, reskinning it multiple times it and upload it to play stores

@aras recently I started taking inteview for Unity developers for my company and must have interviewed some 10 people, unfortunately none of them explain how Time.deltaTime is calculated or difference between structs and classes and none of them are freshers/junior programmer

@deathofdevil While I agree that you'd struggle to get by without Time.deltaTime and structs/classes in Unity, I think you can get really far not knowing the difference between const and readonly in gamedev. Particularly if you're building gameplay, crafting experiences, and not working on something that really has to eke out performance when it's not necessary.

@elyaradine Even if you ignore readonly, which I agree is not of much use in unity, most of the people were having hard time explaining const and its alright with some fresher not clear about these things but not from a senior programmer.

And most of development here in India in gaming is for mobiles, you'd expect more optimization/performance tuning to make it run on low/mid end devices.

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