@arcadely there's Revolt (revolt.chat) in beta atm, but I guess its a problem of empty room, like Google+, everyone's friend is on Discord, so they're on discord

@cidney there's Currently Hannah too, her cinematography and drone shots of Japan are damn beautiful

though her's is not ASMR-esque like the one you shared

@freemo i figured out the OLL but had no idea for the first two and to think couple of days back(?) the word was ROBOT

Fucking hell, Dan Olson's deep dive take down on cryptocurrencies and NFTs is fantastic and absolutely worth everybody's time:

220 6/6


yesterday was a sad day, today almost

@neauoire so i was wrong about Kuramoto model, I meant this is the simulation (ncase.me/fireflies/), where the each firefly only affect one of its neighbour and very soon you get a wave effect, something similiar to your thing
in Kuramoto model, that fireflies sim would be O(n^2)

Wordle 218 4/6


such a weird word today

217 4/6


gullible people -- i mean joke --
aside, I plan to finally move to unreal, but that would be long after some major releases of unity version

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now I somehow have to come with a way to add NFTs to this game and get rich scmaming gullible people

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so very early version of my top down shooter/bullet hell

finally a non-arcade game i started working on recently!

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