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wasted the whole day today trying to fix errors with TextMeshPro and unity test runner

2019.1.x can't run my test cases because TextMeshPro

unity 2019.2.x is unusable, hangs after every button click

in comparison, 4.23 runs like a charm

In today's episode of weird issues: apparently you can't give the project name in Unity 2019.1 without using unity hub

Unity set the project name "New Unity Project"

android studio is one of the slowest piece of software I have seen ever seen

I actually forgot Iaunched android studio!

note to self: never upgrade unity in the middle of project

finally, uninstalled unity hub and life is beautiful again!

In today's episode of unique Unity error: "failed to load mono"

forgot to add, unity's empty errors issues seems to be coming from unity hub, starting unity from command line seems to "fix" the errors

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looks like unity's empty errors are fixed but now unity crashing on play

unreal engine here I come!

someone paid $2 for an ancient build of my tower defense game on, they could have bought a cup of coffee rather :(

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