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in today's episode of "issues with " apparently the playable director is broken in 2019.3.7 and the anim wont pause on last frame when using hold flag in exploration mode

Silicon Valley finale was good, TJ Miller was mssing though

so firefox preview, atleast v3 beta, has a qr code way to login to your firefox account but firefox for android doesn't

probably going to stay with unity 2019.1 for a while and updrade once 2019 LTS is released

(lets hope the LTS version is stable)

with unity 2019.x, feels like i'm spending more time fighting the engine and figuring out random errors and freeze then writing actual game code

managed to fix the test runner error last night by deleting the unity's cache folder in %APPDATA% and referencing the textmeshpro to ny project asmdef which in turn is referenced in test runners' asmdef

doing "in today's episode of weird isssues" with 2019.x will be spamming mastodon

oh btw was listening to giant bombcast and disco elysium sounds nice

lets see if I can run my test cases on 2018.4 with textmeshpro

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