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no one judge me for using very large array, i received this project from someone else, okay?

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actually 18gb at its peak and I had to force quit unity and the clang process

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this account is turning into whats the hell is wrong with , but this cannot be normal, 14GB ram usage by clang while building a simple android game, total system ram usage was ~22GB of 24GB and unity was stuck in IL2CPP step for >16mins

apparently according to linkedin there's no gamedev jobs in north korea

for some reason i cannot write in english today ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

master -> main 

aka the easiest change you can do from the comfort of your keyboard to fix racism

Thousands of collective hours wasted by activists who could have been motivated to do something meaningful and impactful instead

All that was ultimately done was to give GitHub a free social good headline that they can parade around while keeping things like ICE collaboration on the down-low

so apperently unity 2020.1 sloooow startup is not just on new project

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oh no, unity is doing something to since last 6 minutes to open a new empty project

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is it just me or 2020.1 startup on new project is painfully slow?

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