First thing you should do after installing Unity on Linux - execute chmod +x **/bin/* in Editor/Data/PlaybackEngines Or nothing will be build.

By some unknown and retarded reasons Unity keeps it's NPM cache in .config/unity3d. Instead of using something like .cache/unity3d.

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Microsoft has asked Lenovo to make it harder to boot Linux on their computers.

obviously I know some really cool people who work at Microsoft but it's very funny to me that people have been harping on us FOSS types for not instantly forgiving them for 20 years of malice, and now we've got this. [1]

when Microsoft is asking manufacturers to prevent people from booting other OSes and not communicating as to why, they are positioning themselves as the enemy. it's that simple. if they want to be trusted by Linux users, they need to earn that trust.

we're about 2y away, by my estimation, from living in a bizarro world where x86 PCs are less open to free desktops than ARM Macs.


I kind of stopped trust Unity when they went public. Never trust public companies, they goal isn't to make stuff, but to "create value for shareholders" here and now.

To make rust debugger work in neovim I had to apply patch from somebody's else fork on rust-tools.nvim. Now it kind of works. Maybe it would be better if I just downgraded DAP extension from vscode.

Continue my adventure with new Unity version. Google dependency resolver needs java, but java isn't available inside of sandboxed environment. It can't see JDK installed with Unity of course, needs proper JAVA_HOME. So we need to install special flatpak version of it. But not just any java, only openjdk11 works. And then override JAVA_HOME for unity flatpak.

So, java from JDK supplied with Unity 2021.3.4 doesn't have "executable" flag by some reasons. Just like sdkmanager and other executables.

And I moved to Fedora as my distro, from Arch. Didn't have problems with Arch, just want to use same disto on every machine in home.

So, project that included HTN planner that I was working on was frozen for better times.
But in meantime I moved to Perm because of all uncertainty caused by stupid war. It's nice to be back after 6 years in Moscow. And least COL here is much lower.

Did some basic implementation for HTN planner. Got a lot of insights. If Context (which is world state for actor) is struct then we don't need any sort of cloning. So planning can be easily multi-threaded. But it limits state to POD types.
And I decided to split tasks and actions, so actions can have state and tasks are stateless and just create actions when needed.

Using HTN planner for characters in mobile management game sounds like a good idea.

Started new little project. Some sort of support program for bubblewrap, so sandboxing programs on Linux won't be that painful. Basic idea is to create declarative profiles and then combine them into profile for concrete program with overrides.

My "mp3 player", which I've bought to cut reliance on smartphone, don't want to play ogg vorbis trough bluetooth. Strange decision.

So, there's a way to buy games on Steam even under sanctions, bought "Stellaris: Overlord" yesterday. Which means I won't miss second part of "fault: Milestone two".

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Imagine how much better software would be if developers had to use Windows 10 on a core 2 duo with 3GBs of RAM and a 5400RPM IDE drive.

Electron apps would just go away.


If I was President all developers would have to use 5400RPM hard drives


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It was very obvious to me when Google moved from hard drives to SSDs for its developers' machines: I was still on a HD machine and Chrome became almost unusable nearly overnight.


If I was President all developers would have to use 5400RPM hard drives


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Since there’s a lot of new people trying out Mastodon, something to be cautious about: your DMs can be read by admins of your instance and the instance of the recipient, and when your toots cross an instance boundary, it’s possible for your private toots to get boosted. Some of the privacy guards in place on platforms you’ve used before don’t work the same here.

Mechanical keyboards are really nice to use tbh.

Creating architecture for our next game. Initial plan was to create clear layers, where model and view totally separated. But designers want to use existing tools that can only work as Unity components. So new architecture is compromise of some sort - model layer have to live like MonoBehaviour in GOs, not separated from Unity. It isn't perfect, but I think it's nice compromise. At least I don't need to implement pathfinding and behaviour tree with editor.

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