Well about time: DirectX specification -- DX always had a spec, just "mere mortals" could never read it. Thumbs up, Microsoft! microsoft.github.io/DirectX-Sp

Spent some time pro-bono helping developers debug their game on ...

Turns out the Usual Suspect nb.1 is still valid today: Unity/Mono can't handle a system locale using comma as decimal separator. 🎉

The fun thing is that the consequences of this bug are far from obvious for people who aren't used to running into this issue with Unity games.


Last year I made a rule for myself that I wouldn't write any new classes in personal projects (using classes from external libs and stdlib was still fine), and it was a great learning experience.

This year I'm considering making all my personal projects C only. Anyone out there working in primarily C? I'd love some recommendations for a decent math lib, since right now I'm using GLM (which is super template heavy...)

Good mornings people! So this gamedev mastodon thing has been running for almost two weeks by now, and got to 1760 (not all are active ofc).

- Does it seem to be working?
- Is it useful?
- Any suggestions for improvements?
- Any other feedback?

Any Brighton folk on here? Do you know someone who would be interested in Girl Game Maker Day? eventbrite.com/e/girl-game-mak

If anyone is interested, the author of Game Programming Patterns (Robert Nystrom) is writing another book online, Crafting Interpreters (craftinginterpreters.com/). I love his writing style and I'm having a delight studying it; also, he made both books for free online, and both are pretty awesome reading for programmers.

I maintain GLFW sometimes. A long time ago I worked on in-house engines, tools and libraries.

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