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Hello! I'm Jonathan. I've shipped games on mobile, PC and console wearing lots of different hats, though "tech artist-illustrator" best approximates my current skillset.

I'm all about and , and look forward to sharing my progress. I'll play a bit of everything, but I love games that tug on my heartstrings.

Spent a bit of time last week updating my old reel with some new work. Feels good to look back and see all this stuff!

I'll be polishing up the UI we have for our game, Second Earth, working on animations and shaders in Unity on stream. Come hang out!

Shrunk my prints down to 1/4 size to fit 4 on a page just to test colours. I'll be selling the full sized ones at FanCon, with 100% of profits going to the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children.

Some more experiments! Going to stick it in a colleague's game tomorrow and see where we end up. 😬

Everyone who watches Spiderverse and writes shaders gives it a bash, right? 😂

Here's a new turret we've been working on for our base-building/defence game. 🔥🔥🔥

I've been working on this for the past while for the . I planned to paint my textures in Photoshop's 3D viewer, but found it cripplingly laggy for some reason. Substance Painter was smooth, but has a rubbish colour picker. I finally settled on using the 3DCoat trial, which has been a pleasure to use. I'll definitely pick it up if ever I have to do more hand-painted work! (I know it does much more, but my other software covers that.)

A sketch for a bust that I'll be making a hand-painted 3D bust for in the next couple of weeks. :)

Tonight's drawing courtesy of a date cut short by her being called into the hospital because they were short-staffed. 😞

New painting, to go with all of the pink, blue and neon theming going on in my recent game prototypes... :D

Spent another week and a half on this, adding music from Jason Sutherland (borrowed from a game jam game we worked on earlier this year, though I've locally been listening to Perturbator).

Oh, they're still comfortable, but all of my audio's pretty muffled through the thick layer of hair. 👻

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Today I learnt that some hairstyles are incompatible with headphones. I think I know why Wednesday's child is full of woe.

Made this for , but I had around 3.5 days so I just made something that'd look nice in a capture. :P

If you're ever looking for a sublime resource for building intuition on how quaternions actually do their magic, look no further:


With not having been able to do art and game dev outside of work hours because of the wrist problems, I've turned to dating, dancing and introspection to patch up some glaring problems in my non-work life.

We had a creative day at work last week, where we experimented with ink. I learnt that acrylic ink and I aren't very good friends... 😬

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