Personally, I feel all the games I’ve worked on that had low sales were the fault of The War of 1812.

@aras if anything ever changes, just let us know. Cheers!

@aras how much does it cost to run this? Is there a way to donate?

@Moosader oh great, now I feel bad :). I just let you know that when you do get an update email you might have to wait a few more weeks.

@Moosader still waiting for your PlayDate? I got my confirmation email a couple weeks ago that it was eminent, but nothing yet.

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On the difference between Mastodon and Fediverse!

Mastodon is an open source social media platform that anyone can install and run on their own server to host their own communities like .art.

Fediverse is a contraction of Federated Universe. This is used as a catch-all term to include sites running software that can federate (communicate). They usually all run a thing called ActivityPub, which is the magic that lets them talk to each other.


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Time to make a thread about some thoughts on Mastodon and on the costs of running your own server, plus a funding ask 🧵 :boosts_ok_gay:

@androidqueen ❤️ . Two more and I'll have self esteem++ for the rest of the day!

Made my first Twitter thread trying to explain Mastodon. Hopefully it is useful to at least 3 people.

@Moosader I own two WASD keyboards and love them. They are also the only ones I’ve bought so take that as you will :).

@Sulli So Wix is actually doing the right thing. Program Files should be read and execute only, and you should save changing things in User. Steam is cheating, so you'd need to cheat your Wix installer too.

@Sulli This is why you don't need to verify as Admin every time a game installs or Steam updates (but you do on initial Steam install IIRC), but with your installer you probably do.

@Sulli I don't know this for sure, but I think the way Steam does it is it makes the steamapps folder have the permissions you are seeing, so any child file/folder inherits (ie your game install). I standard install to Program Files will be Admin write only. If you make your installer change the permissions on your installed folder you could mimic Steam.

@oeildelance Ideally, yes. Linux kernel has an argument to turn it off and a way to disable for future chips. If MS/Apple show us their code we can comment on those too :).

"KPTI can partially be disabled with the "nopti" kernel boot option. Also provisions were created to disable KPTI if newer processors fix the information leaks."

@bitbrain You could use and Google Assistant to create custom voice commands to add things to a list

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