After 10 days of using Godot I can really say that I like it a lot. I haven't used so far the 3D part of it, but the 2D is very good. Compared to Unity, it has an amazing dedicated 2D mode, which allows you to implement super easy your prototype/game ideas. Last night I've made the switch from 2.1.4 to 3.0 beta, and the latter is even better. There's one performance issue re micro-stuttering that I'm getting for my fast paced side scrolling 2D game, but I hope to find a fix for it soon. GJ guys!

XKCD Emoji Gamejam. It needs to happen! Or at least, someone has to make a Multiplayer Avocado game. 🎮🥑🎮

Gecko ( is a resource that might be handy if you plan on making an RPG-related game with cards in it.

Proposing a new #LibreMonday recurring #hashtag. Who's in?

The idea: #showcase free/libre and open source source (#FLOSS) projects that you like, giving a screenshot and basic information + links.

This should help many of us #Mastodon users discover hidden gems of the #FreeSoftware ecosystem.

Please boost 🍍 and give it a go!

You might be interested in awesome-gamedev, a collection of free and open source tools and resources for .

Full list:
PRs welcome to update the info/add missing stuff.

Wrong link, here is the right one: ! (The previous one was the twitter account of the website's creator).

Recently discovered for characters generation, since the artist we're working with might not have ti time to create our current game's characters.

Thought it was worth sharing.

Hi there ! Here is my .

I recently founded (well, not quite yet, but it's coming) Dual Wielding, a small indie game sutdio with a friend. We are interested in creating old school (J)RPGs and delivering them in new ways, mainly for old players who do not have the time to play anymore.

We work with (and I secretly hope that I will never have to use Unity). We took on the challenge in order to experiment things.

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