Aerspeed is green
Fueld is blue
And thrust is red

It is super basic - when an airplane goes down, airspeed goes up
and when an airplane goes up - airspeed goes down

Thrust can add some speed in a cost of fuel

The goal for a jam - make two points on a map that are reachable with moderate thrust and altitude and make one "delivery" mission

Built a little airport - a tower and a strip

And uploaded web build to, filled submission page etc

I think it is fun enough to take a part in the jam :)

Tomorrow going to polish it a little, maybe add some collectibles like additional fuel or just score points in the air

Itch link:


The final submission!

Technically, everything I wanted is there - long "instrumental" flights across the ocean and landings for refuel + very arcade flying mechanics.

I enjoyed working on this little thing and probably will keep it as a 3d-testbed for macroquad.

Good jam!

Also its Saturday, the hashtag day :)

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