there was not a single time in my entire life when I downloaded a CLI tool in python, neither from github or PIP, and it worked

"> pip install TOOL"
"> TOOL"
"TypeError: write() argument must be str, not bytes"

is my most typical python user experience

"Pything > Bash" is one of the takes I really can't get behind

@fedor The authors of PEP 394 have failed you egregiously.

@fedor Well pip is broken by design anyway, just stick to actual packages.

@drwho yeah and I made it work eventually by getting pip2 installed within "pyenv" and getting all the required dependencies of this particular tool with this pip2

but its always different problems with python!

@drwho and this time it was not even a python2 vs python3 problem, it was a 3.8 vs 3.9 support in one of the sub-dependencies...

@fedor Oh, hell...

That's a new one; haven't run into that yet.

@fedor A user on my discord posted this goodie:

echo 'Mode: '$(python -c 'import sys; print(sys.argv[-1]+\" \")' $(asusctl profile --profile-get))


@fedor I found it very good too, he has other videos on his channel

@kototama after some very professional and comprehensive research of other videos I can say that the one you posted is the pinnacle of his channel, nothing can beat it

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