After a day of a bunch of little and big problems, this game I'm working on for a contract is back on track.

I put these up on OGA a while back. They're pretty basic UI buttons but I'm sure they'll be handy for prototyping or game jams. They are CC0/Public Domain so you can use or modify them to your heart's content.

is far too random for me to ever have any hope of catching it so...

Some juice anyway.

If anyone has 5-10 minutes, I'd really appreciate if you could play and rate my game!

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Hi All!,
Tonight my friend and I submitted our game for the GMTK 2019 Game Jam.
We would appreciate it greatly if you could take a second to play the game, leave us some feedback and maybe a good rating.
Here you can find the game:
and here you can find the ratings page:

If the game does not play at first (sometimes a problem in Chrome) just refresh the page!

Welp... The managed to kill's servers. Oops.

The is still ongoing but I've finished my game and submitted it. First ever finished game jam game! 3rd ever finished game! I had a blast working on it over the last 24ish hours. Looking forward to participating in jams in the future!

Participating in the and this is my progress from yesterday. The theme is "only one". I took that a few ways. One screen, one life, one "bullet", one button. The game is called one1won

Finally had a breakthrough on a problem that stopped me dead in my tracks for a while. The "room" generation is getting there. Still needs a little bugfixing. And AI.

Just found out about this... thing? thanks to AlexHoratio on youtube. Interesting... I'll probably post some screenshots from my projects here and see what people think about them.

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