@Devlin1991 I mean, in this case they were probably totally within their rights to take it down considering I had it set to Future's "Mask Off" but still

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@and0 Granted I'm already anticipating a flood of people telling me how my game is grossly overpriced and just getting the shit kicked out of me for it, so

@and0 I think you're gonna get people all over the spectrum. We're shooting for $5, I don't (theoretically) think anyone else should have a say in the price point of something that YOU'VE worked so hard on. Game devs are a bit of an exception there, but...

@attraxion Will do! I'm in the same boat, though. Day job / sideproject, I don't know how much time I'll have to dedicate to it, either, unfortunately.

@attraxion Oooh, I think I just thought of a potential games application. Could be done without the blockchain too, I guess, but "limited run of special-edition skins" or loot could be a really interesting application. I love the idea of "uniqueness" in games, and aside from date-limiting when you can "acquire" items there's not really a good system for that in place anywhere. Only problem is you need a ton of content, then...

A lot of human beings thrive on/excel at abusing systems. Why would you think that any computer systems would be different?

I just wrote the dumbest fucking line of code and it solved like 10 problems

I give up

@attraxion I don't have any plans yet, it seems very intriguing. Weather or not I have time between dayjob and current sideproject... well, who knows 😭

If you need me I guess I'll be learning about the Ethereum Project today.

@coolpowers I can neither confirm nor deny the amounts of booze that went into production there

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