It's live!
It needs a lot of work but it's in a good enough state to start sharing
I think I'll write a guide to create new Controllers tomorrow

@freakrho looks nice! And "the tool jam" sounds like a great idea 😁 I might try that too!

@freakrho Cool! What does it do? "controlling in interesting ways" is not super descriptive, is it a tool to keep specific objects in view?

@remram44 it basically emulates unity's cinemachine, the thing is I made it open to make your own controllers (I made this in two weeks)
The main thing is you have only one camera in your scene, and many virtual cameras and the camera will interpolate between them, always going to the one with the highest priority, then, virtual cameras have controllers that dictate how they move, there are some basic aiming and translating controllers but you can create your own

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