And your projects are saved with the version of godot they should be run in

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You can download any version of godot from within the app and add your own

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I made a program in godot to keep all projects and different versions of godot organized
It's meant as an easy way to transition from UnityHub into

There's still a lot to do but it's in a state where I'm ok with sharing

Here's a smooth aiming effector (there's a soft zone and a dead zone radial from the center)

It works with "CameraEffectors" that modify the virtual camera's position and rotation (or anything you'd want), they work by adding them as child nodes to the virtual camera

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I'm working on an analogue for Unity's cinemachine for
Right now I have a camera that moves to the virtual camera with the highest priority

Qué dicen? Me compro florence y donut county para switch?

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