I figure I could do an too.

I'm Froyok / Fabrice Piquet, and I have been working on Substance Painter for almost 8 years, initially at Allegorithmic and now at Adobe.

In my spare time I play with the Unreal Engine, experiment with shaders and sometimes draw stuff. So it's mostly tech art oriented. :)

From time to time, I write articles on my website, often about Unreal:

@froyok Loving these designs! I like that it's not just a default direction you're going for and it really shines through :)

@froyok Glad to see you here! Escaping twitter together 2022

@mulmbot I have been thinking about Masto for a while, the douche in charge of the birdsite is motivating me for good now. ;D

@froyok It's so lovely! I hope the bots stay on twitter shilling to each other for all eternity :')

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