A bit sad to see it's the end of Reset. I was really looking for it, it got me hooked since its first teaser.

Also the first project I'm aware that what using PBR ?

@froyok Never heard of it, pretty beautiful setup and great ideas.
Feels like the size of the project was way too ambitious :(

@033max Yeah, starting from scratch (custom engine) with ambitious tech like that (clouds system like Horizon, PBR, etc) with only 2 people at the time they did (10 years ago) was clearly too big.

It was inspiring at least !

@froyok Definitely. The current result is absolutely stunning for a team of two.

@froyok wow! I remember reading about this when it started. I had no idea they were still working on it up to now. I hope all the posts and media will be preserved...

@jpab There was a demo (for the backers ?) at least, so not everything will go to the bin hopefully. :)

@froyok very sad to see it go... One of my favorite artist Andrey Surnov painted the promo picture of that game

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