@froyok Got to your settings, notification, push notifications, turn it on, turn everything off, then turn it off.
Not solving all of it but it should really help.

@froyok It may take a day or two for it to take effect but for me it reduced the number of spam notifications a lot.

@neobscura @froyok Are you on tweetdeck ? I never see that on tweetdeck :o

@neobscura @froyok Ho yeah! ok. The web client is long dead for me, and the app too... I get it now :p

@033max @froyok I removed the app... the web client on phone is actually much lighter and less "stupid feature" packed.

@neobscura @033max I use Tweetdeck most of the time, but that doesn't clear the notification count, which is annoying mobile.

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