KDE start menu search system is dumb to a point I cannot comprehend.
Like why is the calculator the first result here ?
How is their fuzzy matching built to be so borked ?

@froyok first keywords then desktop file alphabetical sorting. If that bothers you edit the keywords. I did for some stuff

@froyok no keywords/category in the desktop file. Right click The entry and "edit application"

@froyok tbh I don't use this anymore. Krunner is so much faster.

@neobscura I use it for some stuff too, but it has the same kind of issues for me.

@froyok Probably the 'ato' in 'calcuATOr'.

If it's only this one case, as a small hack, you could edit the calculator's .desktop file in /usr/share/applications/ to have a different description, then run 'update-desktop-database' once and Atom should be first when you type 'ato'

@cygon Yeah, someone suggested the same hack and it seems to be working. Thx ! :)

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