Nice Unreal Engine tutorial on how to use scene view extensions to add custom post-process passes without hacking the engine.

I have been wondering if I could speed-up some prototyping stuff.

For example, instead of drawing characters by hand to figure out the animation and poses... why not use 3D renders as a starting point ?

Will see how it goes, but I just started rendering the default UE4 character to that. 😃

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Finally got it working ! I have color grading now, and it editable directly in-game. :)

I had to learn quite a bit of stuff about HDR rendering for it, so I think my next blog article will be about my render pipeline.

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It has been a while since I posted an update.

While still working on background stuff, I continued iterating on content. I needed a snowy version of the environment, so I adjusted the tile style and added falling snowflakes. 😊

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Progress of the last few days:
- I finished the cliff textures, pretty happy about those ! :)
- I did a pass to adjust the contrast of the textures, things pop out a little better now
- I did a quick hack to implement my layering system, so now the player can pass behind elements, like the cliff edges.
- I improved the clouds shadows pattern and it looks much more natural now.

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I have been struggling these past few weeks on building a new set of tiles: cliffs !
Not easy to get something that works via Substance Designer at first, but I'm getting the hang of it. :D

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While googling about how to do lighting and shadows in a 2D game, I stumbled upon this great blog post from the devs of "Graveyard Keeper", I highly recommend the reading:

The advantage of using Substance Designer for building textures: using the height-map as a blending mask to make terrain/tiles transition for free.

Each time I want to build a new transition I just need to plug two materials together in a filter. :D

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Finally made it work !
I'm walking on my map, yeay !

I made only the base layer work for now, next are the other layers. Then it will be collisions.

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Alright, I always struggle with math but I'm finally making progress here. I'm finally able to draw my tiles index image in a single screenspace pass now, at the right size ! :)

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Of course, I had to put some Chromatic Aberration in the blur pass. ;D
That blur pass is now the heaviest part of the post-process system, more than the bloom itself !

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I figure I could do an too.

I'm Froyok / Fabrice Piquet, and I have been working on Substance Painter for almost 8 years, initially at Allegorithmic and now at Adobe.

In my spare time I play with the Unreal Engine, experiment with shaders and sometimes draw stuff. So it's mostly tech art oriented. :)

From time to time, I write articles on my website, often about Unreal:

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