So, setting up a svn repo via docker on my NAS was surprisingly easy ?
Compared to the time I had to set-up Perforce, it's night and day.

Been working on other stuff and I now have the draw order working, so characters can go under or above area of the map ! :D

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@033max L'intérêt que j'y vois, c'est comme générateur/synthétiseur offline pour les sons. Plutôt que d'aller faire une capture IRL couteuse (sans compter la retouche derrière).

#Demoscene audience reactions during #evoke alternative plattform #competition. Demo runs on a classical #Intel #8088 @ 4.77 MHz #IBM #PC with #CGA Graphics... mostly #impressive...

Done ! :)
Not 100% happy with the "Pick Color" action (it screenshots the desktop and then display that image to go and grab the pixel) but at least it's working.

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@neobscura You have the float at the bottom (rgba). :)
But the UI doesn't feel practical, like a lot of stuff in KDE haha.

The stuff already out there is... not great.
Either over-engineered, or lacking functionalities.

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Got tired of having to convert Hexa or 255 based RGB colors to float, so I'm building my own Color Picker.
About time given how long this stuff has been bothering me daily !

@Andre_LA Looks like I actually tried lite-xl in the past, but I had issues with it.

@cygon Yeah, someone suggested the same hack and it seems to be working. Thx ! :)

@neobscura I use it for some stuff too, but it has the same kind of issues for me.

Several hours (wasted) later, I almost got VSCode to behave like Atom, including the syntax highlighting.

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KDE start menu search system is dumb to a point I cannot comprehend.
Like why is the calculator the first result here ?
How is their fuzzy matching built to be so borked ?

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