A really long time ago I saw a post where someone on 4chan took whole albums and either slowed down or sped up the left channel by .2% and uploaded them to pirate sites as an Elaborate Ruse.

They uploaded a version of "The Mother We Share" as an example but I could never find it again so I recreated it and you get to listen to the beautiful mess that is this: youtube.com/watch?v=wxtIT_CABp

I love how fucked up this song is when Lauren says "and when it all fucks up"

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@funkeh the kinda funny thing is that it sounds like a really wide spatializer (since those just delay one channel by a few ms to make stuff sound More Stereo), but it gradually gets more and more horrifying as the channels drift

@er1n ah yeah, i see it! it starts off as a cool effect, the only issue being that it eventually becomes a portal to the underworld

@funkeh @er1n part way through it hits a spot where the beats line up again tho, and it's sort of like the song's being sung in rounds.

@er1n @funkeh this feels like listening to a band playing off to your left in a world where the speed of sound is gradually dropping

@funkeh I think the worst part is between like 1:00 and 1:40 where it's too obviously wrong to ignore but your brain is still trying to put it back together involuntarily and it just carries on sliding out of sync

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