Trying to make a Mastodon Pokedex! Reply with the Pokemon you identify as, one per person, first come first served. Boosts+!

I will need to start compiling these into a spreadsheet

@Katarzyna @funkeh aw I wanted Eevee 🤔 I guess I'll go with Flareon instead 🔥

@funkeh if taken, i guess #3 is alakazam and #4 is gengar? #5 is lugia idk i don't wanna order every single pokemon for how Me it is

@efi Ỵ͇̦͕̗̀O̻͕͡ͅU G̛̫̪O҉T͚̺̱̠ Į̭̞̤̤̲̺T

@trickster I'm tired and saw ur profile pic on fire and saw slugma instead of ligma lol

@funkeh I mean, if you were really gonna put me down as a pokemon, slugma would indeed be the closest

@funkeh if i cant have pikachu im articuno that's just how it is

@funkeh @pikachu @citrustwee
You know it!
I just had a lovely new pandividual follow me named .. that same name, and I welcome that user: @pikachu !

@funkeh very tough choice between this, scyther and kabutops but I think I made the right decision.

@deathy in what was eventually sure to be a heated battle, deathy claims squirtle early!

@funkeh favourite ever since the fire squad squirtles episode

@red i've never heard of this one before, but it's so cool! it's yours.

@funkeh they're the gen 7 starter that got millions of dudes butthurt because they're super femme regardless of gender

@red @funkeh primarina's evolutionary line is essentially a transfem transition timeline and i think that's beautiful

@funkeh May as well keep my pangolin theme going so: sandshrew, if that's still available :)

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