Friends I've done it. Mastodex is now up! If you don't know what it is, Mastodex is a public listing of Mastodon users in which they are tied to a specific Pokémon of their choosing.

It's in early stages, I'm happy for others to play with it and for people to contribute if they want. It's licensed under the zlib license.

Some features:
- Translations for 4 languages (English, German, Italian, French)
- Clear way to claim your own Pokémon
- Responsive layout
- MissingNo

@citrustwee i'm gonna become the lynnesbian of useless shit like this. but seriously, i'm so happy this is finally up.

@funkeh My god this is amazing. I'm so glad I picked Metagross.

@funkeh Looks cool and I happen to have a picture of a Pokemon. But, it's not in the list! How can I choose?😂

@wonderdon I'm looking at adding Mega Evolutions in the future, but sadly haven't got around to it yet! You could add an issue in the issue tracker, or I'll add it later so I don't forget.

@funkeh Consider adding a text link in the welcome msg. It's not quite obvious that the image on the far right is the repo link.

@wonderdon Noted! That link should appear on the site in a few minutes.

@funkeh Awesome! Is it live on the website? I checked but don't see them 😅

@wonderdon Haha damn, the site is having issues deploying! It should be up in an hour or so, hopefully!

@funkeh this is such a cool and neat little prohect! stuff like this is why I love the fediverse

@funkeh did someone already grab missingno? i would be very surprised if not

@yabirgb sorry, gastly is hella claimed right now! would you like another pick?

@kioskwitch thank you for claiming! honestly thought you were already on it haha

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