And to continue on the of this impromptu I'll share a trailer for a game from 2017 which proves I've been always thinking about ways to use those joysticks in the weirdest of ways :P

Here's a random piece of gnometent for you: I made this cover of Theme of Tara from the original metal gear solid in 2016.

It was for a sneaking coop game about gnomes trying to avoid their ladies on the way to a pub

We are looking for investment to finish our game and make it the gem it deserves to be: with boss levels, unique environments, and more!

It's been challenging growing a community for the game, and getting publishers interested because of that. Allthough the game is solid, our marketing is lacking a bit of virality and the game stays very much underground.

So I would love to have your thoughts about how you deal with these problems, and how we can improve :)

Jello also has a built-in level editor that I've spent a fair bit of time on.

It has procedural elements, where it makes automatic transitions, and tiles can spread through each other and affect how they look

If you're interested how I made it, watch this:

The game we are working on is called Jello.

It's a custom physics 2d platformer with some funky controls. Think super meat boy mixed with getting over it, and celeste-ish art style

Currently we have a free demo on steam with about an hour worth of content (depends on how good you are), and online leaderboards:

Hello, fellow gamedevs, let me make a formal introduction.

My name is Anton, I am a programmer by trade, but I dabble in design, technical art, and music/sfx

I studied at Breda University of Applied Sciences, had some experience doing commercial VR projects, and now working full-time on a game together with some friends

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