A really unappreciated and very useful unity feature is being able to trim animations and subtly increase their speed in the editor without having to tell your animation team you only find their animations 50% as interesting as they do.

Our stupid little cooking game got into a little piece of this extremely pretty and fancy book! This is very cool and also has a lot of games in it I'm gonna check out. Going through it today and writing a list of stuff I've missed.

This is a magical shader that makes my 6-year-old game "Karambola" look like it's actually from 21st century! Can you see the difference?

And what's the occasion?
The #game is finally coming to #Steam and #SteamDeck on June 16th (for #free)!

Add it to your #Wishlist
...so you won't miss it!

Along with:
- the ability to gather the cutest achievements
- to be the first to know when we add the secret DLC
- almost-tactile-virtual-hugs from your emotional #fruit friends!

Yes I haven't felt i have anything worth posting for a week and have decided a gif of ryu's butt physics meets the threshold. I stand by this decision.

contains butts (nsfw ... kinda. in america anyway) 

Regarding the CW: Overcooked had the American Ratings board (and only the american ratings board) rate us 15+ for putting butts in the logo (it was 4+ everywhere else), and wouldn't accept even having the logo changed for the american version (we had to remove it for all the world ). I'm still bitter.

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contains butts (nsfw ... kinda. in america anyway) 

Oh. Games ARE art after all.

Somebody really commited to soft body physics techical art here and I want them to know I see them and they are doing some the light-side's work.

When the unity documentation isn't as reassuring as it thinks it is.
What's it going to.. do?

classic newbie mastodon error: hashtags in content warnings don't actually work. Now the fediverse has been denied my spectacular hot take content
How can it possibly go on?

#gamedev #videogames news hot take 

say what you will about stadia but google did allow publishers to control their own pricing, this microsoft system is in danger (potentially) of turning into a walled garden that drives down the price of games to a point that isn't sustainable for developers. See: the entire mobile industry.

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#gamedev #videogames news hot take 

Ostensibly this is good because more people who don't play games will be playing games.

Nervous what this means long term if we have a gamer audience using tvs with a gamepass stick and the only way to release games for them is to agree to what microsoft will pay to release the game at subscriber rates.
Would feel more comfortable if there was also an option for premium titles on this service.


I'm going to stream some #leveldesign for PATOU in a bit. Join me for some chillout beats and non-existing level design insists working on THIS THING. What is it?

Let's find out:

#gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday

I'm playing around with Jolly Theory's Screen Space Cavity & Curvature asset - it brings highlights and shadows to curves and creases using a screen space effect. I think it adds some nice subtle cell-ish shading to everything

Been playing Knights of the Old Republic on mobile recently and it's just an absolute classic of a game (mobile controls in general not withstanding) I wish there were like a million more. Someone needs to make the equivalent of RPGMaker but for games in that style because there just aren't enough of them.

Another screenshot from our game in development: Wicked Lands! A turn-based, roguelite, strategy, indie game.

Wishlist: bit.ly/3eT8Ufc

Discord: t.co/ot6EpiDVXq

#gamedev #IndieGame #art #videogame

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