hola everyone, I'm Megan, I run Glass Bottom Games, currently working on Spartan Fist: - a first-person punching roguelike about punching dudes so hard they explode. Our previous games include Hot Tin Roof, which you've maybe heard of. I drink a lot of tea? Our games tend to have cats in them? Oh I'm a metalhead too. DEATH METAL WOO (especially fem lead death metal - The Agonist / Arch Enemy is my shiz). Uh, hi? This me.

@glassbottommeg always love seeing your updates on Twitter, glad to see more people coming over to Mastodon too~

@glassbottommeg Metalhead you say? What are you listening to at the moment, any good stuff to share? (besides what you already listed, which I am looking up in Spotify at this very moment) In exchange for your recommendations, I'd say check out Unleash the Archers if you haven't already (not Death Metal really but still very good)

@karyl in order of increasing death metal: Devin Townsend Project, Djerv, Gojira (Born In Winter is my forever mood), Meshuggah, Once Human, Opeth, Otep. Xandria for Gothic. Helion Prime for power metal about the Drake equation.

@glassbottommeg My hair is not long enough for this yet... But one day. One day.

@glassbottommeg Really digging the vocals from Gojira, mhmm mhmm mhmm

@glassbottommeg Ok geeze. I need to thank you already for introducing me to Gojira, this music is transmitting directly to my soul

@glassbottommeg Spartan Fist is looking real nice 👌
Can't wait to punch some dudes

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