2018 is next month in Brussels, Belgium (right after where you can also meet us)!

If you haven't registered yet, do it ASAP before we reach our venue's max capacity :)


Come and meet the community on 3-4 Feb 2018 at and 5-6 Feb at our very own , both in Brussels 🇧🇪

It will be a great opportunity for Europeans to meet @reduz and discuss Godot 3 and beyond!


Today is Bug Hunting Day to fix the biggest issues before 3.0-beta2.

Come around on -devel on Freenode IRC if you want to help with the effort!


Getting ready for 3.0 beta (β) sometime next week, and the feature freeze for the upcoming stable ...

Call me self-centered, but I kind of enjoy the attention I've been getting lately.

400+ pull requests/month on the last 2 months!

And you, do you contribute to tools? Give it a try, it's rewarding :)

I guess engines do too? So it all starts here: github.com/godotengine/godot/b ..

Ok, let's try something else. Born in 2007 as in-house engine, I was liberated under the MIT license in 2014.

3 years later, I'm developed by 400+ contributors and undergoing massive changes for the best at a steady pace.

Ah, and I'm a 2D and 3D game engine with an editor and tons of tools, cross-platform and, as mentioned, completely free and .

Thanks @aras for this instance, and welcome all!

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