Hey again! Been busy, but I have some more free time to post.
Here are some more #PETSCII #PixelArt pieces I made - they are all mockups of text mode #C64 games.
First is The Chaos Engine, second is Prey 2017 (as a dungeon crawler), third is Hades as an isometric roguelike, and last is Pokémon.
One thing I find interesting about PETSCII is drawing the line between what is readable or not, what works symbolically speaking or not, and how I can build meaning with what is quite blocky.

@k What was the bucket for if there were no stones, atmosphere?

@SuperLeo@mastodon.social tai juuri kukaan, mut ehkä rinnalle

@SuperLeo@mastodon.social erilliset userit per instanssi aiheuttaa turhaa päänvaivaa vaiks ymmärränkin idean miksi, mut noh kattoo ny mitä tästä kehittyy vai kehittyykö mitään :-)

@SuperLeo@mastodon.social päivää, eipä kummempia, yritän hahmottaa miten tää toimii :-)

Hello all! Been doing mostly game related things since 1980-something I guess. Mobile games for the last 16-17 years. Game design & art professionally, coding and music very unprofessionally. Currently trying to juggle both professional and personal projects and also sleep :-P

@korruptor I'm confused by this separate users per instance idea... not really sure who to follow where :-P

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