How many copied of Halcyon & On & On.mp3 are in your collection?

RSS fans!

You can follow any Mastodon account via RSS by just adding ".rss" to the end of the account's public profile URL.

To find a user's public profile URL, click on their profile image within Mastodon.

For example, if you click on FediTips' profile image you get this page in a new tab:

So, to follow FediTips through RSS, use this address:

This will only show that account's public posts. Other posts will not be visible on the RSS feed.

#RSS #MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

GIFMaker is available on 's AssetLib so you can easily try it out yourself!

Let me know what you think fellow folk!

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#GameDev update for #Liblast:

My player refactor is moving along - thanks to my redesign of the way characters in the game are controlled, I can now have Controllers that are Bots.

The way this is implemented, the Character doesn't really know or care if it's a human sending in commands or an AI. This also means Characters in game can be dynamically switching Controllers (human can take control of an AI character and vice-versa)

Brain hotswapping :D


Just installed pipewire on my desktop, and after resolving a couple Jack conflicts it seems to just be working? Curious to see if that remains the case.

Been working on an AI system for my project in . It's using a basic state machine with a bunch of knobs for adjusting things like field of view and boredom for managing transitions between states -

Gotta love profiling all the things, logging timing on methods, nuking imports, and rebuilding entire scenes trying to trace down what's killing framerate, only to find it's because I set shadows on a directional light to a stupid setting.

Another addition! This time in ✨ 3D ✨

It needs polish, as you can see it has some weird frames in there. But a start is a start!

Check out GIFMaker for :

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I've also got a slightly longer video of the homing missiles mentioned in the post up over on my new channel at -

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Hey, I've finally got some content to post, lol. New blog post is up recapping the latest sprint on my new project I'm building in -

Do any #Godot & #GodotEngine developers know of a good tool for 3D map-making?
I looked at TrenchBroom, but it doesn't fit my need. I want to make a few houses for my current game project (where you move in with physically simulated furniture, moving boxes, etc. Think "Unpacking" but 3D first person with physics.)
I am comfortable making a map-importing system as long as the file format has good documentation

Please boost to help find some good mapmaking tools!

Project Anomaly: Urban Supernatural Investigator is a 2.5D first-person adventure mystery game where you play as an investigator who solves cases by taking pictures of cryptids, urban legends, & mythological creatures as well as befriending them in an open-world environment.


I have quite a lot of experience working with and other software in .

Is there something y'all want me to give a quick guide / advice / tips on?

Let me know in a reply 🐘

It's time for me 😊

Hi I'm eL-Falso, german (coding, pixelart, ) Switched from GMS2 to last year and currently working on a made with Godot. From time to time I stream the development on .

I love tea, cookies and cooking

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