@ElegantMechanic i think it depends on how they shared their posts; you can choose between a public post (they appear on public time lines), unlisted post (appear only on your instance) or follower-only. So maybe the oldrr posts are unlisted?

How you used to get people looking at your website before "going viral" was a thing, in the Web 1.0 days when people surfed the information superhighway by clicking on links to go from site to site.

1. The "Links" page! Every site had a page that was just links to other websites that the site owner thought were cool. You could email other site owners whose sites you thought were cool and ask if they thought your site was cool too, and they'd link back to you.

Has anyone had any experience with the book "Challenges for Game Designers"? I have it for quite some time but unfortunately never used it, and I'm thinking on doing weekly boardgame design exercises.

@khalladay not like I know much, but basically you can add unique intrinsic value to game content, using blockchain to make it secure and interchangeable with other game content that also use the same platform (assuming you are talking about Enjin coin), even from other games.

Not sure if you seen it, but here is a good explanation: youtube.com/watch?v=JoYZNnInVh

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Postei hj meu primeiro joguinho no @itchio feito no Twine! Dá uma zoiada aí, se tiver um tempinho:



I want a game like superhot, but where you do mundane things

Does anybody knows if there some easy-to-use gif creating tools using screen capture? I'm currently having to use OBS Studio to capture the screen, edit the specific portion of it (part of the game screen, for instance), and converting it into a gif, but damn isn't that a boring job.

Wife is watching an episode of SVU from 1999 about the creeps selling unsolicited nudes online, and the guy just said he was paid in "untraceable cyberbucks," so anyways I have a new nickname for Bitcoin.

Saw this on Diaspora the other day: freegamealliance.com/index.htm

Not sure how frequently they change the games being displayed, but it's a very nice initiative. Wish there was more reliable sources of libre-game news.

Since now looks as good time as any to start getting out of FB, has anyone tried ? Getting my hand on it for the first time and it looks neat, but wanted to hear some from more experienced users.
Interface-wise it still worse than mastodon because , but hey it's clean from ADs garbage.

@tomisarobot I'm actually enjoying a lot minimalistic musics - I just discovered Steve Reich and it is very delightful to program listening to his compositions!

@ttfreire Any recommendations? I tried listening to some podcast before, but sometimes I feel my brain just "glitch" while paying attention to the podcast and I stop programming without noticing, hahaha.

Do you guys have any hobbies at work you can multitask at?

For example, I'm currently trying to learn how to listen to classical music by listening to BBC Radio 3 while I'm programming. I always admired people who actually enjoyed classical music, so that's something I'd like to try as well - even if I still find most of the classical pieces boring, sometimes I listen to something delightful and totally new to me, so it's quite worth it.

Let's share those healthy bits, anything goes!

@chris I didn't find the ending really impressive (just your usual scientific blabber, I guess). BUT the the overall production and soundtrack were really amazing, and the Docking scene was one of the most memorable scenes I ever watched.

@chris definetly one of my favourites modern sci-fy, along with interestellar

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