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However casually looking at current discussions/users, seems that majority happen to be programmers, or men, or white (or some combo of that). If you have more varied friends who could join, tell them to! More topics & more diverse people == more interesting IMHO.

Just thought I would share this - my mc sprite development:

1: bad but workable sketch ->
2: god-what-have-I-done ugly copypasta of undertale ->
3: cheap newgrounds-like sprite ->
4: a bad black widow cosplay ->
5: something totally unrelated to 1 but at least I can use it in my game.

Don't believe in anyone that tells you pixel-art is easy.

If anyone is interested, the author of Game Programming Patterns (Robert Nystrom) is writing another book online, Crafting Interpreters ( I love his writing style and I'm having a delight studying it; also, he made both books for free online, and both are pretty awesome reading for programmers.

Something I noticed that people coming from tweeter might be looking for; if you want to send a PM to someone, just click on "Adjust status privacy" and on "Direct" (I also spent some time looking for this).

Uploading takes quite some time, but I think it's lossless. Nice.

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Testing Mastodons .mp4 compression to check if it's better than twitters, let's see how this work (also a tiny bit of self promotion, please don't judge me).

Project is my protoyype, made with ).

I'm Henrique Alves, currently working with edu-games on a small brazillian company, indie-dev on my free time while trying to survive the last bits of Computer Engineer undergrad.
Also, I love open-source tools - using Phaser framework in my current job and creating my personal projects in Godot. Created some useful git stuff, you can check on

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