I've been waiting a long time for news and it finally happened this week! Graham Nelson (et. al.) is finished with the open source project. You can read about it at intfiction.org/t/inform-7-v10-

I stepped away from inform a while back. Choice-based caught me, but I still think about parser stuff. I wonder if I'll follow back to inform now that it's bound to get updates again.

Other :
I love , (watching; I'm not fast!), and . and writing has me doing a lot of research spirals, and I love about new things. For games, I like , , and of all kinds.

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So, I guess you can only search Mastodon for hashtags? I read it in an old guide so maybe it's not true anymore, but I couldn't get post searches to turn up anything. It also said I should do an ?

So hi, I'm Michael. I've been making and stories since I was a kid, 30 years ago. I've got a website at incobalt.me

For writing I'm focusing on set in near futures where positive change has happened. It's how I hold onto hope.

Tusky seems to act a lot like TweetCaster, except more up to date. Is it good? Bad?

I'm checking this out because I like the idea of a gamedev social community. I'm noticing there don't seem to be many women gamedevs over here, though. A reflection of the endemic problem in the industry, I suppose, but the ratio seems quite disparate here.

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