Guns, ACAB 

I'm sorry, the cops waited around for SEVENTY EIGHT MINUTES?!

Fire every last one of them, disband that police department, liquidate its assets, and disburse every penny to the parents who lost children in this shooting. I've never heard of a more severe, galling, and unconscionable dereliction of duty in my entire life. The institution is worse than useless, and should no longer exist.

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Guns, ACAB 

I just *cannot* with this. Why do we even have police, when they do shit like this? What is the point?

US politics, abortion discourse 

These two paragraphs are such a perfect distillation of the kind of toxic bad-faith "argument" Republicans engage in on *every issue*. It's so tiresome.

I've become a huge dork for and I need you to understand how fucking funny this is 😂

How in the world am I actually hitting this error? This makes no sense?!?

I fancified my keyboard! 😊

Need to do some work on the spacebar though; the one they sent has a slightly oversized left post, so it doesn't mount correctly (hence the old black bar still being here).

I got new caps for everything on the right, too, but they loop the gradient, and I kinda like not doing that?

Judging from the picture, I surmise that Capri Sun Pacific Cooler contains flavors of apple, grape, cherry, and... crunchy taco? 🤔

There are THREE hamburger menus on this site! What is happening?!

I've been having a hard time wrapping my head around the amount of support/outsourcing required to reclaim enough time and energy for people to pursue their actual interests.

This is Facebook's VP of product development:

I decide to try this new (to me) flavor of chips and I honestly cannot figure out what the flavor actually is


This is the most important election in my lifetime for Democrats to win... so of course they're doing what they always do and pulling out all the stops on the train to Losertown. 😬

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