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I've tried a couple other apps but they were all ugly or clunky. Tusky is so slick and nice on, but it just doesn't work with due to some server configuration difference.

Is there anything as nice as Tusky on Android yet, that can actually successfully authenticate to this instance on Android 7.0? Because Tusky is DOA for this instance on this OS version, and this is the latest OS currently available for this phone model.

(I am... not optimistic.)

Any conversation that ends with "Marx had some pretty good ideas" is a success in my book

Random work conversation turned into a bit of an anticapitalist barnstormer, in case you're wondering how my day is going 👍

Please, just go read this.
Yes it's almost 7k words.

I promise that your farmville-esque daily grind will still be here when you get done, and it might just get you a raise in the near future.

Read it, study it, and understand it.
It could save your life someday.


I'm taking a new approach to this project. In the past I've done things very component- and data-driven, but this time I'm writing classes that act more like services, and everything is much more driven by code. Less abstraction, less scattering of logic and data all over hell and creation.

Downside: I've refactored this like five times already while homing in on what it should *actually* look like. :P

Today, after 9+ years using nearly every day, multiple titles shipped on , etc. I finally found my first actually for-real legitimate use case for the Resources system.

Man, the Twitter habit dies hard. I kinda just... forgot to use Mastodon for like three weeks. Until I got the latest Patreon email and was reminded of the error of my ways.

Some sweet stuff in this update, too! 👍

New blog post: The Mastodon Spring Creator’s Release: What’s in 2.3 for art and photography

Please share it around! ✨

I can't help but feel very suspiscious when someone brings up blockchains in a conversation about decentralization. I just don't really buy into it at all. Social applications on top of Ethereum? Yeah, love to ruin the planet with proof of work algorithms just to post a cat gif.

it's weird how often you see someone talking about e.g. the production of a video game or a movie, in a way that treats the people responsible as, i guess, of superhuman genius? like "could this blooper reel actually mean THIS?" or "surely this beta screenshot means they were thinking about this" and in every case it's like, no, that decision was arbitrary & meaningless, and everyone makes mistakes, and some things have no explanation, and they're just regular people just like you

Dear #app developers, "Fixes and stability improvements" is not a changelog.

Benjamin Netanyahu didn't sell many Pixel phones in 2017, and that's not good for the line

It’s not AI vs people
It’s not Big Data vs people
It’s not robots vs people

It’s corporations vs people.

Open Source hot take 

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